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I am in the process of launching a few new businesses and helping some friends and colleagues launch and enhance their existing businesses. One of the things we all seem to be focused on is our web and social media presence. We all agree it is critical in today’s business world to have the best possible presentation and interaction within the web marketplace.

We all seem to have this same priority in common, to make it as easy and efficient as possible for our customers and associates to find us on the web and to utilize social media to interact with our customers and associates.

In this process I came across several great web sites that have been extremely helpful.  One of which is www.1and1.com.  This web site is easy to navigate and has assisted us with accomplishing our web-based goals and strategies.  You may have even seen their ads on TV.

What I found helpful about this site that it is very easy to use.  In addition to being a one stop shop where you can reserve and or purchase URL’s, they also offer a full suite of web based services including building and managing your website.

What I found to be of particular interest is that you can also reserve new potential URL addresses that are not yet approved for use, but should be soon.  These include .app, blog, online, shop, .inc, .eat, and many more that may fit your business needs. This could potentially make it easier for your customers and associates to find and interact with your business.  You can see the entire new potential URL’s on http://www.1and1.com.

In order to reserve theses URL’s you will need to supply your name, address, phone, email etc. and then once approved you will have to pay to own and use them. My colleagues and I see the potential these can offer and I wanted to share this information with my friends on my blog in the event it is helpful to your endeavors.  I will be highlighting other tools I believe offer value to my fellow entrepreneurs as we navigate through this business world together.  In that spirit, I hope everything you are working on in your businesses is going your way!

Lee Hindin

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